Trucking FAQs


Whether you need air freight pickup & delivery, FTL or LTL dedicated line hauls, flatbed loads, or shipping container transport services, you may have questions on how our services align with your trucking needs. Here are some helpful answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you still have questions, get in touch or give us a call at 503-528-9705.


Frequently Asked Questions

What states do you operate in?

We offer trucking and transport services in Oregon, Washington, Missouri, and Illinois.

Are your drivers properly licensed and insured?

Yes, Bridgetown Trucking drivers are all properly licensed insured. They have to pass a TSA background security check as well as obtain certification.

Tractors & Trailers

What size trailers do you have?

We primarily run 53’ trailers, but also have some 28’ and 30’ for smaller loads.

What if my freight is too big for a trailer?

If the freight is too tall or too wide to fit into a 53’ dry van, then a flatbed trailer is often a great option.

How many pallets fit in a 53-foot trailer?

26 standard 40x48x48 inch pallets single stacked or 52 with these dimensions double stacked.

How tall can I stack my pallets?

96 inches.

Do I need the exact weight or can I estimate the weight?

Exact weight is recommended and will ensure that the trailer is not loaded too heavy for safe travel and or be subject to regulatory fines.

Do you haul wide loads?

We can haul loads that are a maximum 8’ wide.

Do you use chains, straps, or both for your flatbed trailers?

We primarily use straps to secure flatbed loads but also chains if needed.

What is flatbed tarping?

Flatbed tarping is when the freight is covered with a heavy-duty tarp and strapped down to protect it from weather or damage. We do not provide this for our flatbed loads.

What kind of tractor trailers do you run?

We run Day Cab Tractors that are either tandem axle with a maximum load capacity of 46,000 lbs. or 4 axles with a maximum load capacity of 61,000 lbs.

What is the average age of your trucks?

2 years old.

Shipment Questions

What is the best way to pack my shipment?

Packing depends on the product, but the best practice is to have it packaged and placed on a standard 40×48 inch pallet and shrink wrapped for safe travels. This method will also make loading and unloading easier saving time and money.

What do I need to do after scheduling my pickup?

Make sure that you have confirmed the pickup time, correct address, and have a packing slip of the contents that you are shipping.

What if the driver arrives before my shipment is ready?

Drivers are on tight schedules and having pickup times confirmed will help ensure that there won’t be extra fees for a driver’s wait time.

Do you haul hazardous materials (hazmat)?

Yes. Contact our shipping specialists to discuss your specific transport needs.

How can I track my shipment?

If a shipment is shipped parcel (UPS, FedEx, USPS) you can often log onto their website and track your shipment with a tracking number. If it is being shipped by a carrier you can often find out the ETA of a shipment by calling the Dispatch Team of the carrier.

Can you arrange same day shipments?

Same-day shipments can often be arranged depending on the distance. For longer distances, shipping by airplane is the only way to achieve this but it is usually more expensive. Talk to our team about your transportation needs.

What is the difference between live load and drop and pick for container shipping?

A live load means that the driver will pick up a container and take it to a destination and wait until the container is loaded before transporting the container back to the rail or shipping line. A drop and pick means the driver will pick up a container and drop it at a destination for loading and come back and retrieve the container at a later time for delivery to the rail or shipping line.

What is the difference between shipment and freight?

Shipment is the active movement of the product throughout the logistics process. Freight is the actual product itself.

Will my goods be unpacked and repacked into a different container?

This can occur at times by the request of the customer and is called Transloading. A customer will incur added costs for the labor that is involved.

Freight Questions

What is freight class?

Freight class is a standardized system used to classify commodities into 18 classes based on value, weight, density, length, height, ease of handling, and liability when shipping via less-than-truckload (LTL) freight shipping. This system is in place so that customers receive unbiased pricing when shipping freight.

Do you transport all freight classes?

Most, but not all. Contact us to discuss your specific needs.

What kind of freight do you haul?

We can haul pretty much any freight that our equipment will legally allow us to haul safely. Talk with our shipping specialists for specifics.

What happens if there is a discrepancy in inventory count between the warehouse and goods owner?

We perform an immediate inquiry on receipts to and from the customer associated with the sku(s) in question. This inquiry will often include discussions with the customer. For all customers we have an agreed-upon SLA in place to protect both the warehouse and the owner of goods, which allows a very small variance discrepancy in which both parties understand and can recoup any financial loss when a loss occurs.

How is freight rate calculated?

Rates are based on distance, weight, length, and height, density, ease of handling, value and liability from things like theft, damage, break-ability, and spoilage. Typically the lower the NMFC class number for your shipment the lower the freight charge will be.

Do you offer cold chain transportation?

No, we do not.

Is a frozen or refrigerated shipment more expensive than regular freight?

Yes, because of the equipment needed to keep the product frozen or refrigerated.

Delivery Questions

How long does it take to unload a trailer?

A fully loaded typical 53’ trailer with freight that has been palletized and single stacked can be unloaded in roughly 30 minutes. If the pallets are double stacked then it can take an hour. Freight that is not palletized and loosely packed can take 3-4 hours to unload depending on the weight, quantity, and ease of handling.

Do drivers help unload?

Drivers can at times help unload at the customer’s request, but there is an additional fee.

Do you still deliver freight when it's snowing?

Yes, we can deliver freight when it’s snowing. All of our trucks are equipped with traction devices so that we can make our deliveries when the weather changes.

Do you only load and unload at a dock? Do you operate a liftgate?

Yes, we can do both depending on the equipment being used.

FTL & LTL Questions

What is the difference between LTL and FTL?

Less than truckload (LTL) refers to shipping goods that don’t require an entire truck. We offer dedicated line hauls for LTL or we combine shipments to give you lower rates and faster delivery times.

A full truckload (FTL) refers to shipments that need an entire truck’s capacity. We can directly transport large shipments with our FTL services if your shipment is big enough to fill a trailer.

Is Full Truckload (FTL) determined by weight or volume?

A full truckload is determined by both weight and volume.

What if my shipment exceeds a Full Truckload (FTL)?

It will require the customer to arrange a second truck to complete the load.

Payment Questions

How quickly can I get a quote?

We guarantee within 24 hours, but typically we will provide a quote within 1 hour. Reach out for your quote!

Can your quoted rate change?

Quotes can change with capacity, market changes, and the price of fuel.

What are accessorial (or assessorial) charges?

Accessorial charges are services provided outside of our normal pickup and delivery. These can include inside delivery, waiting times, fuel surcharges, storage, etc.

Other Questions

Is dispatch available 24/7?

No. Please contact our shipping team to discuss your specific needs.

Can you help me with customs clearance?

This is something that needs to be handled by a Freight Forwarding Company, but we do offer customs bonded warehousing and transport services.

Get in touch to request a quote or to learn more about our trucking services.