When it comes to air freight shipping, the clock ticks faster, and reliability is non-negotiable. At Bridgetown Trucking, we ensure seamless air freight cartage services for just-in-time deliveries and critical situations where time is of the essence. Let’s explore how our pickup and delivery services for air freight redefine efficiency and reliability. 

How Air Freight Trucking Retrieval and Delivery Works: 

Air freight shipping demands a meticulous process, especially when it comes to pickup and delivery. Bridgetown Trucking excels in retrieving goods from the airport cargo provider and swiftly delivering them to their designated destinations. Whether it’s getting your products to a customer site or ensuring manufactured goods reach the airport for export, our services are designed to be swift, secure, and tailored to your unique requirements. 

Our TSA & CBP Compliant Services: 

Security is paramount in the world of air freight, and Bridgetown Trucking excels in providing the highest level of protection for your products. Our Customs bonded facilities adhere to Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) compliance standards. Equipped with cutting-edge security measures, including 24/7 video monitoring, cell-connected security systems, and patrolled yards, our facilities ensure that your air cargo is stored in a safe and secure environment. 

Our employees are TSA-certified with Security Threat Assessment (STA) numbers, and our drivers are among the most trusted in the industry. This commitment to security and employee well-being underscores our dedication to the safe and reliable transport of your cargo. 

Warehouse Facilities Near the Airport: 

Bridgetown Trucking strategically positions its facilities for optimal service. In Portland, OR, we operate multiple facilities totaling 285,000 sq. ft. near the Portland International Airport (PDX), ensuring efficient air freight pickup and delivery across the Portland metro area. In the Midwest, our 72,000 sq. ft. multi-purpose warehouse in Hazelwood, MO, just 3 miles from the airport (STL), facilitates fast and timely deliveries for time-sensitive cargo. 

Who We Can Help: 

Air freight shipping complexities require the expertise of a reliable partner. Bridgetown Trucking serves as the local leg for freight forwarders, both international and domestic. We specialize in coordinating the transport of goods and making pickup and delivery arrangements to ensure just-in-time deliveries and expedited shipments reach their destinations safely, securely, and on time. 

With over two decades of experience serving Fortune 500 companies and smaller businesses, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every shipment. Our focus on providing real solutions, integrity, and exceptional customer service sets us apart in the industry. 

Trust Bridgetown Trucking for unparalleled reliability in air freight cartage services. 

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